Sunday, January 27, 2013

Intersting Week in Westminster coming up

2.00 Sunday and setting off early to Westminster. Its going to be a full week. Unusually there are three debates I hope to contribute to if other commitments allow. Firstly, on Tues, there's 90 minutes on the RSPCA - a body for which I used to have a great deal of respect. But its clearly become a 'political' body and not a proper charity. I want our much loved RSPCA back. Secondly, on Thurs there's a debate to acknowledge the 30th anniversary of establishment of our much loved S4C. This is one for Welsh MPs. And I understand there's a debate about EU/UK relationship, following 'the speech' of last week on Wed. -- and on Wed evening I'll be reviewing the papers on BBC News Channel. And I think I have an article to write for the House magazine on the Liverpool Care Pathway. Daresay some things will fall.

But biggest issue for me this week by a constituency mile will be a vote on a Lords amendment on Tuesday which could sink the proposals to introduce new constituency boundaries in this Parliament. The amendment (to a completely unrelated bill) delays the change until 2018. I attended much of the debate in the Lords, and was quite shocked by the cynical oportunism on the opposition red benches. While I have nothing but disgust for what seems to me the improper way their Lordships have behaved over this issue, it does look as if, for the first time as an MP, I will forced into a position where I'll not be able to support my Government. Its not something I'm looking forward to at all, and have no doubt it will make me unpopular with (some) colleagues. Luckily there is no position I can be sacked from! All MPs have to strike a balance between 'the party' and the 'constituency'. If the Gov't wins, Montgomeryshire ceases to exist, representative democracy in Mid Wales will be greatly diminished, and I'll be announcing that I won't be contesting the next election. I desperately hope there's not a majority of one. All in all it should be an interesting week.


Helen said...

Good Luck Glyn, I hope that for all our sakes both you and Montgomeryshire will remain!!

Giselle Williams said...

I believe that the RSPCA has been attacked in a most cynical fashion. Their purpose, and the reason, I pay money to them is to PREVENT CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. It's as simple as that. And the fact that politically motivated (fox hunting) MPs have chosen to target MY CHARITY is a disgrace. There is a duty on the RSPCA to do what they say they will do. The fact that the law, or the lack of attention to the law, has enabled the fox hunting to continue is not an issue for the RSPCA to explain. The law should be abided by and anyone who disobeys it, willfully in this instance, should be penalised and go to jail.

As for moaning about the Labour Party being opportunistic - your hypocrisy by NOT voting with your Government on the boundary changes is a joke!

Prasit said...

A question of self before party in this case?

Anonymous said...

good for you with the Montgomeryshire First vote Glyn, why not stand as a Mid Wales Independent in whatever seat they eventually come up with? After winnibg a few bob on the Lembit debacle I'm sure you'd walk it.