Thursday, December 18, 2008

Conflict of Interest?

I'm fairly sure that the Executive Board of Powys County Council has resolved to work with a Carbon Trust Enterprise Subsidiary named 'Partnership for Renewables' to investigate the feasibility of using Council land to site groups of up to five wind turbines. These turbines would be up to 135 metres high and the summary of the report agreed by the Board referred mostly to the money that would accrue to the Council's coffers - £25,000-£35,000 per turbine. No, I have not added an extra nought.

Interestingly, the reason given for the Board decision makes no reference to money at all. I'm also fairly sure that the Board has agreed to sign a Non Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement. The reason given for the decision is as follows;

To meet Sustainability and Energy policy in lowering Carbon Dioxide emissions and create an example to the wider community in creating new sources of renewable energy

Now if any Councillors make 'in principle' comments either in favour of or against wind turbines, they are banned from the planning decision making process. Something not quite right here.

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ROMAN JONES Esq. said...

Something not quite right? you can say that again!