Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wales rules the World.

For several years this blog has been an admirer of Nicole Cooke, the Bridgend cyclist. I was outraged that she was not declared Britain's top sportsperson for the last two years. Her achievements have been outstanding. For two years she has been indisputably the best female cyclist in the world. For two years, I placed her ahead of Joe Calzaghe - even after the Lacey demolition. Today the world knows just how good she is. Never has anyone more deserved to win an Olympic Gold medal. Just watch this video clip - and then watch it again. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Wales rules the world.


Frank H Little said...

Yes, she was unlucky (and not 100% fit) four years ago, as well as having unreasonable expectations heaped upon her.

This victory must be all the sweeter.

(Written by an ex-resident of the Vale of Glamorgan.)

alanindyfed said...

Perhaps next time she'll stand beneath her flag?

Glyn Davies said...

Alan - Personally, I have no time for all the flag waving that goes on at the Games. I'm afraid I was one of the 'boring old f****' who found the whole chest beating nationalistis opening ceremony to be frighteningly indulgent and threatening.

Anonymous said...

Naturally, the more swivel-eyed among us just don't appreciate that Nicole's win was due to efforts of her team mates in Team GB.

Ask her yourself or even watch the video again.

It's a team game.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - Good point. Cycling is a team game. Nicole would have stood little chance without her GB teammates. The time trial will be more down to the individual.