Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Telegraph Letters Today

Dear Sir,

The current excitement over Olympic medals shows that it is the sport that stays in the memory. The razzmatazz of the opening ceremony and the presence of VIPs is soon forgotten. This, I feel, augurs well for the 2012 Olympics in London.

Francis Davies,
London W11.

Well said Francis. No relation. Just same opinion.

While speaking of the Olympics, there is a deeply worrying movement towards deception currently afoot. It was quite shocking that the voice of the little Chinese girl in the opening ceremony was a blatant fraud. And then we learn from Mrs Beverly Romero in today's Telegraph that her 'Gold Medal' daughter Rebecca was not actually cycling naked in that advert. It seems that she was wearing her underwear, and that it was simply airbrushed out. As well as being a great disappointment to all those who had appreciated the artistic merit that the nakedness had imparted to the photograph which has so handsomely adorned the nation's billboards, it is extremely worrying for the rest of us. I could be running down Broad Street in Welshpool, properly clothed, totally unnoticed by others, when some rogue cameraman snaps me and with a bit of airbrushing, I'm in the middle of a 'streaker' scandal. Its time for a campaign based on the slogan, 'We want the real thing'.


alanindyfed said...

I would say that an airbrushed Rebecca would be far more appealing to the British public than an airbrushed prospective Tory MP. ;-)

Anonymous said...

the image is so frightening that im never going to risk going to welshpool again