Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bonds Galore in Wales

Saw Casino Royale last night. Too much of Bond's tendancy towards violence for my taste - and not enough of his penchant for 'the ladies' (as we used to say before it became politically incorrect). Since all of Bond's 'ladies' seem to move straight from the bedroom to the grave, becoming involved with him has become a decidedly risky activity.

But who are the 'Bonds' in our National Assembly. In a previous 'post' I observed that John Marek has a Bond-like survival instinct - and the traditional prickly relationship with M in the Presiding Officer's Chair. I have looked around for potential stand-ins. I offer you Brynle Williams, Mick Bates and Carl Sergeant. All three positively reek of 'menace'.

Brynle has already shown his power to destroy. In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig brings down a building in Venice. Small beer. Brynle brought the entire nation to its knees with his fuel blockade and forced Gordon Brown to take a step backwords. Even Bond couldn't do that. And Mick Bates has demonstrated his utter contempt for diplomatic fancy-dancy protocols. Who else would wear a Santa suit in the crucible of Welsh democracy - and give 'The Finger' to authority so fearlessly. I offer Carl Sergeant because he instills such fear in all around him. A quiet word from Carl and I even seen Huw Lewis at his most 'spiky' just fade away. Carl is not a man to be tanged with. Every Tuesday, after all the opposition parties have given Jane Hutt, the Government's Business Manager her weekly mauling, up leaps the Labour 'enforcer' to rebuff all attacks and give heart to his beleagured colleague. Of course, if Wigley was still around, his family connections with Murrey the Hump, Al Capone's right hand man would make him an obvious candidate for audition. So if Daniel Craig was serious about retirement last night, there are plenty of potential 00s in Wales.


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seren said...

Carl Sargeant is rarely seen without a white cat, which he strokes in a menacing way. He's not Bond - he's the villain.