Saturday, November 18, 2006

No Dragons in Powys

It is reported by the BBC today that Powys Trading Standards have taken legal action against Black Mountain Smokery of Crickhowell to reassure its customers that there is no dragon meat in its popular Welsh Dragon Sausages. Mr Jobsworth, speaking on behalf of the Council said "the product name, Welsh Dragon Sausage was not sufficiently precise to inform the purchaser of the true nature of the food". You couldn't make it up. Mr Jobsworth then went on to explain that "We would not want vegetarians to buy the sausages by mistake". Excuse me, but I do not think vegetarians would want to eat dragon meat. The Council's last word was that they would be testing the sausages in the future - no doubt to ensure that no dragon has sneaked into the newly named Welsh Dragon Pork Sausages.
Many years ago a small company in Welshpool started manufacturing Hedgehog Crisps, a product that grew to be an internationally known brand. This 'dragon meat incident' has made me wonder if the virtual disappearance of hedgehogs from our countryside is a result of Powys Trading Standards being a bit lax in the past through not insisting that the product name be changed to Hedgehog Potato Crisps.

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