Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bloggers Under Attack

The non-blogging world seems to becoming incredibly sensitive about what we bloggers post. This week, I hear that three of my blogs are causing unrest. And I hear non-bloggers going around boasting about how they have no time. Or it is too dangerous. Or even that the 'blogosphere' is a place of evil. Actually, I have some sympathy with the last point but like nuclear power, it can't be uninvented.
I accept that I blog 'near the edge'. It wouldn't be worthwhile any other way. No-one would read it and I would not be communicating at all. I just have to be certain that I am completely happy with what I post, that it doesn't cross the edge and that I would be happy to say it on a public platform. So far I've deleted only one - but of course its out there, like a Staphylococcus Aureus infection waiting to strike me down. This creates concern for those who wish me well - but inevitably opportunity for those who wish me ill. But that's politics for you. Anyway I like life near the edge. It makes the job a winner.

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