Thursday, October 19, 2006

Politicians in a tangle

Dragon's Eye was rather fun tonight as the BBC tried to give legs to a Plaid-Labour Coalition in Cardiff Bay after next May's elections. I think the Beeb missed the high point on this one. Since Mike German last week refused to insist that Proportional Representation in Local Government is a 'dealbreaker' for the Lib Dems, the Plaid-Labour pie-bald has been going backwards and Ieuan's chance of becoming Deputy First Minister has been crushed like a mobile in a 'mulcher'(see below). Since I began blatantly flirting with potential Rainbow Coalition partners a couple of weeks ago, both parties have been shamelessly offering to prop up Rhodi Morgan's gang.
Sorry Mike and Ieuan but over the next few months, a modern, constuctive, proudly Welsh Conservative Party has stepped onto the political ballroom dancefloor looking to turn heads - and quite a few of your backers are going to quite like what they see. My advice to Mike and Ieuan is to stop this simpering around the feet of fading Labour and take a good look at the Conservatives. Don't fight it. We could lead you to the promised land.
And then we had Alun Pugh talking about the veil. One minute he said that Jack Straw had got it all wrong and next minute he said he couldn't learn himself without seeing the face of his teacher. He is obviously ideally equipped to do a deal with the Lib Dems.

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