Thursday, October 05, 2006

Carwyn outshines his boss

In yesterday's debate about widening the legal protection for playing fields, Carwyn Jones put down his marker. Lisa Francis had put in a spirited performance as moving her proposal. There was cross party support and only Karen Sinclair spoke in opposition - and even she seemed more pro than anti. Approaching the end of the debate and the Labour benches filled up and a creased looking Rhodri Morgan slumped down in his seat. The stage was set.
Carwyn stood up to respond for the Government, tall and strong, oozing confidence from every pore, noteless, like a sleek young lion 'strutting' before a pride of suddenly aroused females - while the mangy knackered looking old leader of the pride looked down with tired eyes, trying to recall the days when he could stir their interest. But Labour rules are not jungle rules and Rhodri will go on and on. That is why Labour will not win next May's Assembly Election.

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