Saturday, October 21, 2006

BBC and S4C in love again

Have just read the joint press release issued by the BBC and S4C earlier this week. It looks as if the 2 media giants (well one and a half then) have found a new understanding. For years there has been a fair bit of tension between the two. And I had always thought John Walter to be such a prickly character. Just goes to show how wrong one can be!! It seems that the two sides are going to try holding 'friendly' discussions about programming. This week we had Ian Paisley and Martin Maginnis talking, we had Rhodri Glyn Thomas making a shameless pitch for a Labour-Plaid love-in after the next Assembly election and now this. It really was cuddle-up week.
Now that S4C have another £3 million from the Beeb, perhaps they can commission another gardening programme to replace the much missed 'Garddio' which has been inexplicably dumped on the compost heap.
This looks a positive development. I just hope it doesn't freeze out the private sector producers in any way. Better have a word with Dafydd Hughes from the independent producers to see what he thinks.

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